Dear Pete,

I'm in tears. I'm so glad you picked this up! Your insight is a beautiful gift to me and others, and I am so happy that you were given this message for me. I have been told the person who stands to my right is the arch-angel Michael. Only one other psychic ever saw him. I don't know if you picked up who he is, but you picked so many things up and you are absolutely right about me in what you have said! I work with angels and I have been guided by spirit to paint a series of them. The first in the series is all I can see right now, and it's a healing angel. I'm also a singer and lyric writer, and poet. I am presently working on a book, and a deck of tarot cards. I was recently diagnosed with lupus, but so far my thyroids are in good working order, but this could change as lupus does strange things to you. You are the first one here that knows I have lupus. I am a RMT and use natural means to control it. I am not on any medication for it, although I have a prescription to be filled in case I become very ill. Thank you and bless you for coming in here, and sharing your gifts with me. It means so much.
Gentle Hugs,
Julie aka Jewel Of The South
Hi Pete! Wow everything you mentioned above was completely right. I'm surprised at the accuracy of it all. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this reading for me. =)
Thanks Psychic Chef
Very right on. My direction has been made more clear to me recently and I wonder what will come after that. One step at a time I guess.   Thanks for the reassurance.  I have been trying to move on. It is a struggle.
Thanks so much again.
Pete Thank you so much for a wonderful and insightful reading. 
Thanks Pete. It's true I almost left quite a few times. 
Again, thank you for your prompt response, it was wonderful.
Pretty darn good for not having a strong connection and from a picture!!! I am impressed! Very good work!!!
Pete, thank you so much for all of this! Spot on.
Thanks Pete! for the reading. Thanks for empowering me with this reading and for telling me to be proactive. You just lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.
Thank you Pete so very much for helping me out on this one.
The women's health issue you predicted
You were very correct! I thought I was having a baby last night. I spent 3 hours in the ER to find it was most likely a water cyst on my right ovary that burst.
You really need to read for money !!
Thanks! Laura
Thank you SO much Pete. You truly have a gift! I hope you keep it up!

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